David O’Hara

Vice President for Programs, Westchester Institute for Human Development & Associate Professor, School of Health Sciences and Practice, New York Medical College.

Andy Minnion

Professor of Media Advocacy and Director of RIX Research and Media at the University of East London, a Centre that takes an inclusive and participatory approach to researching applications of digital media for people with intellectual disabilities.

Sam Bergin Goncalves

Trainer and presenter at the RIX center. She is also a parent of an 18 year old with complex needs based in the Royal London Borough of Greenwich in London, UK.  She has successfully used a Wiki for her son Shane for over four years and has adapted its use to support a smooth transition for her son as he leaves school and pursues adulthood in his local community.

What Are RIX Wikis?

Join us on Friday and Saturday as David O'Hara, Andy Minnion and Sam Bergin introduce us to the Multimedia Advocacy approach and demonstrates how its adoption, together with the RIX Wiki tool, is producing genuinely positive outcomes for people with disabilities and their families.

Meet Our Speakers